Friday, September 23, 2011

Making the Grade

Do your kids love school? Do they have a favorite teacher or best friend, a favorite class or planned field trips?

I can remember having that one best friend in school. We were always together - the two of us seemed attached at the hip! I have good memories of elementary school (we lived in Singapore at the time), good teachers, and good friends.

We'd arrive every morning and begin the day by saying the Pledge of Allegiance, and how can I forget the morning a tarantula made its way into the room with us? One of the brave teachers managed to get it back outside...

We'd have field trips to the Science Center where every kid was fascinated by that energy ball, you know the one with the crazy moving lights inside. Field trips to the Botanical Gardens and going into the Butterfly House (I'm sure it wasn't called a butterfly house but that's what we called it)...

We'd play jump rope and tether ball during recess, and have International Fests where we'd don ethnic outfits and experience all kinds of different foods...Ah, such fond memories!

That's exactly the inspiration behind this latest school-themed scrapbook mini album titled, "Making the Grade". With this kind of album it's so easy to snap photos and showcase them right away, instead of waiting or filing those photos only to forget about them. Parents: capture your kids' day-to-day lives so they always have something to evoke those fond memories.

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