Friday, October 07, 2011

Just the right journaling spots...

I was making a scrapbook the other day and I needed a journaling block to add to the page. I usually use stamps for these story-telling spots, but I just didn't have one the right size. It occurred to me that the journaling block stamps I own are kind of on the small side - who could tell a whole story in those cramped boxes? Who could capture all the little things to remember in a box the size of a small square?

So, I made my own journaling spots! Plus, I won't need to break out the stamp blocks and ink pads in order to use these. They're quick and easy - just print onto cardstock and cut. It doesn't get any easier than this, folks. Now I have journaling blocks that are just the right size to really tell a story, and you can have them too.

These journaling blocks are a perfect addition to any scrapbook page or album, and they will really help showcase your photo memories.


This item comes as a PDF file and will be sent to you via email. I will remove the watermarks before I send it to you.

Note: You may not sell or redistribute these images in any way and you may not claim them as your own.

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